COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

Issuance, Control and Responsibility for Keys

The FMD is responsible for installing, maintaining, servicing, replacing and updating all locks used to secure University facilities and property.  This responsibility includes the design of lock systems, maintenance and service to locks, issuance of all keys, and maintenance of cores, keys and records.  No outside locksmith may perform work at the University without prior approval of the Director of Facilities Management.

Individual room or area keys will be issued to University employee’s upon request from the appropriate unit administrator (Vice-President, Dean, Chairperson, Director, or their designee) in accordance with the key issuance authorization procedure outlined herein.   Keys or access codes will be issued to individuals by name and he/she will be solely responsible and accountable for such keys. Spare keys will not be issued.

The responsible Vice-President, Dean Chairperson and Director or other unit head or designees, may obtain building keys or keys to one or more areas within a building through the key issuance process described herein.  Such keys will be issued only if there is a need for access to multiple areas for performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

Person(s) to whom the key is assigned must immediately report loss or theft of keys to Public Safety.

Obsolete and unneeded keys will be returned to the FMD for disposal. Individuals are responsible for returning keys to the FMD prior to separation from the University or due to a change in work assignment