Solar Projects

solar panels on the roof of the bowie state university student center
Solar panels on top of the Student Center

Bowie State University is committed to utilizing renewable energy as a form of lowering our carbon foot print. The institution’s primary source of renewable energy is solar engergy, the power harvested by the sun. Our institution recognizes that solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and thereby a major component of our sustainability portfolio. Currently, our campus generates between 15-20% of our campus needs from solar energy.

Solar Panel Systems


Parking Lot I. This new 400 space parking lot opened in February 2020 is located across from the athletic track, north of Parking Lot J, with a full solar canopy. This will generate roughly another 7% of campus energy needs.


BSU expanded solar panel installation in latter 2018 with the installation on the rooftops of the Fine & Performing Arts Center (FPAC) and Student Center (photo, upper right) with the assistance from General Electric utility company. These two buildings will help generate an additional 2% of campus energy needs.


In 2017, through a partnership with WGL Energy, BSU invested in a large scale 1.6-megawatt solar panel system project across four sites on campus. This project estimates to be generating about 10% of the campus needs (2 million kilowatt hours each year).

The sites include:

  • Parking Lot G solar canopy
  • Thurgood Marshall Library rooftop
  • Athletic field space (near softball field & football stadium)
  • Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex rooftop


solar-powered charging table
Mini solar-powered charging table

Other BSU Solar Projects

BSU has invested in various forms of using solar energy for purposes of  trash compacting with capacity alerts; heating a swimming pool, and charging electronic devices, such as tablets and cell phones or small laptops.

  • Indoor pool heating - Solar panels help to heat the indoor pool
    Location: Leondias S. James Physical Education Complex
  • Evodia solar charging tables - Covered, outdoor tables to charge small electronic devices using 100% solar power. Each table is equipped with six power outlets, four USB outlets, an automatic shut-off system during rainy conditions and LED lighting. The table seats up to eight.
    Two locations: Student Center near Lot O, and between the Computer Science building and the Student Center green lawn
  • Mini-Evodia solar charging table - Same function as the Evodia solar charging table above, except it seats four.
    Located beside Kennard Hall
  • Solar trash compactors - compactor operating from 100% solar energy to collect trash and recyclable materials and condense trash when near full. It is operated with GPS and web based capabilities that can be monitored or altered, and notifies campus personnel when full or near full.
    Four locations: walkway leading to the Student Center near the Bulldog statue; end of east promenade walkway near Towers Residence Hall and Athletic fields; side of McKelding Gym near Tubman Hall; area between Henry Bldg/Lot F and JE Proctor/Lot G
solar-powered trash compactor
Solar-powered trash compactor
  • Solar Synthesis charging port units - Outdoor solar-powered USB charging stations next to benches
    Locations: two on the east promenade in front of the Student Center lawn across from back of Thurgood Marshall Library, and one on walkway between the Library and the Henry Administration Building, near Henry Circle
  • Bus shelter - Bus stop retrofitted with a powerful PVSE solar panel network that utilizes 100% solar power to charge mobile/electronic devices. Features include: 4 USB ports, 1 GCFI outlet (standard power plug) and automatic LED lighting when dark.
    Location: Henry Circle between MLK Jr. Communications Center and the Center for Business & Graduate Studies.
  • Stand up charging stations - The long-endurance solar-powered stand up charging stations are equipped with LED lighting, a tabletop, and 5 Dural USB/USB-C charging outlets. The stations provide power for smartphones, tablets and other hand held devices and are located at 3 locations throughout campus: Student Center patio, Computer Science bus stop, front of Haley Hall.