COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

Virtual Reality

The goal of the VR Lab is to introduce students to Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented reality (AR) hardware, software, and provide an opportunity for them to apply this knowledge to applications for education, modeling, simulation, and games. This laboratory applies cutting-edge VR/AR technology currently available in academia and industry. The lab applies research methods from social science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and data visualization to address the challenge of including social, emotional, and communication factors into modeling and simulation. The students and faculty are pioneering the use of VR/AR/MR technology in areas such as evacuation simulation, way finding, battlefield simulation,  multi-user virtual environment (MUVE), instructional modules, mobile augmented reality application (MARA), evacuation drills, VR classroom environment, data visualization, emergency response and decision making.