English 101 Peer Mentorship Program

English 101 Peer Mentorship Program

The English 101 Peer Mentorship Program (EPMP) in the Department of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies promotes a nonjudgmental, one-to-one relationship between a former English 101 and/or 102 student (mentor) and a current student (mentee) enrolled in English 101. The mentor serves as a positive role model who provides guidance and academic support through the writing process to the mentee. Both the mentor and mentee will plan to meet on a regular basis and work together to establish learning goals for the semester. During meetings, participants in the program will work towards attainment of those goals, discuss the mentee's writing projects, and explore ways to navigate through the challenges of college learning in face-to-face, remote, or hybrid settings. 

Enrollment in the program includes opportunities for extra credit. The chart below details how many percentage points can be added to your weighted total (final grade) at the end of the semester based on your participation.

Number of Completed Meetings

Points Added to Weighted Total (Final Grade)


8 Points


6 Points


4 Points


2 Points


To apply for this program, please submit your information through this student application linkFaculty, staff, and coaches can support a student's application through the BSU employee recommend-a-student link. Limited spots are available. Priority will be given to applications submitted early in the semester. Please email Dr. Patrick Thomas at PThomas@bowiestate.edu or call him at 301-860-3694 with any questions.