Data Science & Analytics Initiative

The evolution of technology has provided sufficient data in a myriad of fields. Companies and organizations heavily rely on the analysis of data to drive informative decision-making and keep up with the demands and trends of a global economy. In result of the growing demand, Bowie State University has committed to infusing data science into existing curriculums and research, equipping students with the knowledge needed to be effective in data-driven markets.

The Data Science & Analytics Initiative is funded by a nearly $400k grant from the National Science Foundation, which will aid in educating faculty and leading research in data science. In addition to the current plans, the university is setting the groundwork to develop an undergraduate certificate program in data science analytics.

The goal of this three-year HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project is to Infuse Data Science and Analytics (DSA) into undergraduate courses at Bowie State University to offer undergraduate opportunities and set the foundation for establishing internships along with an upper level undergraduate certificate in DSA.

The BSU’s DSA team proposes four objectives:

  1. Develop Data Science and Analytics (DSA) Course Modules and deliver them in the targeted disciplines: Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Economics;
  2. Create new courses and integrate the DSA modules into existing courses that will eventually lead to an Undergraduate Certificate in DSA;
  3. Offer Undergraduate Research Opportunities; and
  4. Establish Data Science and Analytics Faculty Training and Learning Community.