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BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

Our Colors


Our colors say a lot about who we are. They help identify us at a glance and set the mood for each of our pieces, bringing an energy and vibrancy to our communications.

This set of colors should become recognizable as distinct to Bowie State University. Using this palette will ensure a cohesive expression of our brand.

Our palette was selected from the Pantone Matching System (PMS), the printing industry standard. Four-color process values and digital color mixes were derived from the PMS colors. Further details appear below.

Primary Colors

Color Palette

PMS 116PMS 116
C:0 M:18 Y:100 K:0
R:255 G:206 B:0


PMS 433PMS 433
C:79 M:68 Y:58 K:67
R:30 G:37 B:43


C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
R:255 G:255 B:255


Secondary Colors

Flame Palette

PMS 1205 PMS 1205
C:3 M:10 Y:53 K:0
R:250 G:223 B:141


PMS 115PMS 115
C:1 M:12 Y:94 K:0
R:255 G:217 B:35


PMS 116 PMS 116
C:0 M:18 Y:100 K:0
R:255 G:206 B:0


PMS 137 PMS 137
C:0 M:42 Y:100 K:0
R:255 G:164 B:0


PMS 152 PMS 152
C:5 M:67 Y:100 K:0
R:234 G:114 B:0


PMS 7417 PMS 7417
C:3 M:86 Y:85 K:0
R:234 G:75 B:55


Accent Palette

PMS 362 PMS 362
C:74 M:15 Y:100 K:2
R:78 G:157 B:45


PMS 307 PMS 307
C:100 M:50 Y:19 K:2
R:0 G:105 B:166


PMS 268 PMS 268
C:81 M:100 Y:12 K:2
R:91 G:43 B:130


Neutral Palette

PMS 268

PMS 428
C:23 M:17 Y:17 K:0
R:195 G:198 B:200



C:65 M:57 Y:52 K:29
R:85 G:86 B:90