Typography Guidelines

A PDF of Bowie State’s typography guidelines is available for download. These guidelines includes guidelines for print, web, interior and exterior wayfinding and signage. Download the 2021 Typography Guidelines (pdf)


The words we choose for our communications are important. But the way we represent those words in type can make them even more meaningful. Consistent, thoughtful use of brand typefaces visually supports our verbal communications and creates a recognizable expression of our identity.

The Bowie State brand uses the two typefaces shown below and discussed in this section. With consistency as a goal, it’s important that these typefaces be used for all BSU marketing and communication efforts. On rare occasions, such as a promotional event, other options may be approved.

Primary Print Typefaces

Headlines — GOTHAM

gotham typeface example

Subhead — Museo Sans

museo sans typeface example

Body Text — Museo and Museo Sans

museo and museo sans typeface example

Tables & Infographics — Museo Sans Condensed

museo sans condensed typeface example


Typefaces for Web

Headlines H1-H5 — Rubik Medium

rubik typeface example

Subheadlines H6 — Museo Sans 700, #666665

museo sans 700 typeface example

Body — Museo Sans 300

museo sans 300 typeface example

Frank Ruhl Libre Medium — Numbers for Statisitics

frank ruhl libre medium typeface example