Digital Cinema & Time Based Media

The Digital Cinema & Time Based Media concentration focuses primarily digital (narrative) video/film production, video and time-based art and film. Students will be introduced to writing, producing, directing and editing/compositing for various new and time-based, digital media and web-based media and to cinema and independent filmmaking and production in general. The objectives of the new concentration are as to prepare graduates to enter a career in visual communication with a focus on digital video, film and other time-based media.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of coursework, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, internships and senior thesis projects, students will be able to:

  • Organize the advanced elements of the visual language creating harmonious and unique designs for advertisement and communication
  • Demonstrate the organizational principles that underline the effective manipulation of the optical elements over time in 2D and 3D space
  • Demonstrate a full command of a variety of software packages and develop creative and effective problem-solving skills
  • Apply techniques and concepts in cinema studies, video/film production, editing and compositing
  • Apply typography, elements and principles of design to digital video/film projects
  • Create projects using advanced cinema, narrative video and digital video/imaging techniques.
  • Design and utilize projects incorporating sound processing, digital video, animation, motion graphics and editing software.
  • Research, critique and discuss the work by professional film/video makers, designers, visual artists, web artists, animators, and others who use digital video and technologies in their work.
  • Apply basic digital video processing techniques.
  • Apply file management and data storage options including import/export/publishing considerations and codec’s, file formats for video.
  • Assemble a cumulative portfolio or demo reel, DVD and website

Digital Cinema and Time-Based Media Advisement Checklist 4-year plan (pdf)

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