Advertising Design

The Advertising Design concentration addresses the current demand and industry needs for artists, designers and problem solvers. The concentration also focuses primarily on print, graphic and web design, and will include additional coursework in advertising design, business and marketing, and provide art students an overview of the business of art/design.

Students are empowered to continue their success and studies at the graduate level and beyond. Students will focus primarily on illustration and print design; and the integration of web design, multimedia and new media. Thus making graduates in this area more marketable and in demand. The Advertising Design concentration prepares students for careers in graphic design, visual communication, advertising and print and web-based industry. 

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of coursework, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, internships and senior thesis projects, students will be able to:

  • Organize the advanced elements of the visual language creating harmonious and unique designs for advertisement and communication 
  • Demonstrate the organizational principles that underline the effective manipulation of the optical elements in 2D and 3D space 
  • Demonstrate a full command of a variety of software packages and develop creative and effective problem-solving skills
  • Apply techniques and concepts in image and page layout, typography, elements and principles of design
  • Create professional examples, comps/mock-ups in visual communication including web, print, package and product design 
  • Apply research on target audience/demographics to design strategies
  • Develop advertising and visual marketing campaigns and case studies in design

Advertising Design Advisement Checklist 4-year plan (pdf)

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