English Major


The Department of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies offers several concentrations and tracks for undergraduate students. Through these programs, students gain expertise in specific areas of English and literature to become adequately prepared for life after graduation. Students with a B. A. in English may go on to graduate studies, law school, teaching, journalistic writing, marketing, publishing, creative writing (novels, poems, video games, screenplays, etc.), or any career in which superior critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills are essential.


Review the program requirements for students pursuing an English degree.

Africana Literature Track

The Africana Literature track leading to the BA in English provides students with a solid grounding in English and modern language skills with a focus on the cultural production of African Americans and other writers of the African Diaspora; textual interpretation and writing; American, British, and World literatures; and critical tools and theoretical perspectives. The track provides a balance between traditional literature surveys and period courses and courses in which the organizing principle is generic, thematic, or theoretical.