Victor Amadu

BOLD Science

Victor Amadu

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior

What inspired you to choose your major?
I’ve loved biology since the 6th or 7th grade and I can’t imagine doing something for the rest of my life that doesn’t involve biology. I also like chemistry, which is why I’m leaning toward pharmacy school. Biology and chemistry go hand-in-hand.

What do you look forward to doing after you graduate?
I want to do pharmaceutical research. I would like to discover a new element or compound that could be used to synthesize medicines to help people.

Are you involved in any campus organizations?
I’m a Resident Assistant. I’m on the E-board for Elite Modeling Troupe. And I did summer research with the Entrepreneurship Academy. Through that program, I researched a business model for solar charging stations with shaded seating areas for campus.

What have you learned about yourself at Bowie State?
You’re going to face a lot of adversity. And people are around to help you, but what matters is what you do to help yourself.

What makes you BOLD?
When I set my mind to something, there’s very little that can stop me from accomplishing that goal.

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