Chelsea Callender


BOLD Creativity 

BOLD Creativity

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Major: Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts with a concentration in Animation & Motion Graphics
Classification: Junior

Some express being bold in fashion or writing, how do you express your BOLD?
Showing my creativity in class. My graphic design classes are where I’m able to shine the most.

What or who inspired you to choose your major?
I come from a family of artists. From a very young age I saw my mom drawing portraits of me and I ended up teaching myself how to draw portraits. Once I started looking into careers, I realized that animation was a way I could bring my portraits to life.

What do you look forward to doing after you graduate?
I’m actually not sure yet. Down the line, I want to become a freelance artists. Right now I’m working on my own animation at home. But I also think that working for places like Pixar or Dreamworks would be amazing too.

What makes Bowie State special to you?
I became a mom during my senior year of high school and I had planned to go away to college, but I couldn’t do that because I needed the support of my family. Bowie State gave me the opportunity to get a college education without a really big price tag. It’s nice be home.  It’s also nice seeing other people who look like me and come from similar background as me.

What have you learned about yourself at Bowie State?
I’ve learned that there are so many possibilities here for me. I was really in a bad place and I didn’t think I would fit in. But the people I have met have really shown me that I’m an extraordinary person.