VII - 1.06 - Policy on Contractual Employment

Contractual employment may be utilized to supplement departmental staff for extended and undetermined periods of workload volume increases or staffing deficiencies, or for short term or sporadic needs during periods of turnover, vacation, etc. Contractual employment is not intended, nor is it to be used, to replace or eliminate faculty appointments or regular appointments for which there are authorized positions.

Contractual employment provides for unemployment insurance, social security, state and federal tax withholding, and worker's compensation. Other benefits may be made available through the BSU, UMS, and Central Payroll System but contractual employees may not participate in the Maryland State Retirement/Pension Systems, TlAA-CREF Retirement Program, State Group Health Care Programs, and University Grievance Procedures.

Recruitment for contractual positions will be conducted through the Office of Human Resources in accordance with Affirmative Action requirements. The Office of Human Resources will make a determination regarding exempt/nonexempt overtime status and salary range for the positions.

All contractual employment agreements must be accompanied by properly completed payroll documents and submitted to the Office of Human Resources for approval and processing. Employment contracts may not exceed one year in duration, but are, at the option of BSU, renewable annually via execution of a new agreement. Any contract amendments or renewals must be processed through the Office of Human Resources. Departments must ensure the recording, maintenance, and timely submission of positive timekeeping records for contractual employees.

With the approval of the Director of Human Resources, contractual employees may beterminated for cause at any time without the length of notice specified in the contract. Just cause may include, but is not limited to, incompetency, insubordination, inefficiency, disloyalty, failure to perform assigned duties, conviction of a criminal offense, or permanent or chronic disability that seriously affects performance.

There are no formal disciplinary procedures for contractual employees. However, anyadministrative action may be taken if the employee does not meet the required standards. Contractual employees may not use formal University grievance policies and procedures to dispute any action of Bowie State University with respect to the employee's employment, including termination.

Contractual employment will not guarantee any individual subsequent permanent employment.


Effective Date: 1991