VII - 5.20 - Policy on the Performance Evaluation Program

I. Purpose

To establish a policy for annual performance evaluation of employees of Bowie State University and to implement procedures for BOR VII - 5.20 - Policy on the Performance Evaluation Program.

II. Applicability

This procedure applies to all regular non-exempt, exempt-classified and exempt administrative employees.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. Goals Setting and Establishing Weights

1. Performance Management Process (PMP) forms will be forwarded to schools/departments by the Office of Human Resources no later than March 30th of each year. The form shall be completed and discussed by the supervisor/department head and the employee to establish the performance weightings and goals for the annual evaluation period, which is from May 1st through April 30th. It is expected that supervisors/department heads and employees shall attempt to reach a mutual understanding of the performance expectations outlined on the PMP. If an understanding is not reached on any factor(s) or objective(s), the supervisor/department head will make the final decision. This phase of the process should be completed before May 1st. The original PMP forms should be retained in the department until the end of the rating period.

2. The Office of Human Resources will forward a blank PMP form to the appropriate department at the initiation of employment for persons hired during a rating period. This form should be completed and discussed with the employee to establish the performance weightings and goals for that rating period.

a. For employees serving a probationary period, the employee's supervisor must submit to the Office of Human Resources a completed PMP form to include weightings, goals/objectives and overall ratings.

b. For exempt employees hired after January 1st of a rating period, a PMP form is not required.

B. During the Rating Period

The PMP form is a working document which should be retained in the department during the rating period. Supervisors are expected to review the PMP form with the employee on a quarterly basis to assess the employee's progress and identify any modifications that may be necessary to weightings, goals and objectives. The department heads shall be responsible for assuring that the supervisors conduct quarterly reviews.

C. The End of the Rating Period

The supervisor shall complete the ratings of the PMP forms. The supervisors are encouraged to allow the employee to participate in that process. The supervisor shall obtain the next level supervisor's approval by signature prior to discussing the ratings with the employee. The supervisor will provide the employee with a copy of the completed form prior to the final performance review discussion. The employee must sign the PMP form acknowledging that the review discussion has taken place. (Employee's signature does not indicate that the employee is in agreement with the overall rating.) PMP forms for the rating period ending April 30th should be completed and submitted with appropriate signatures by May 15th.

IV. Exceptions

A supervisor is responsible for completing a PMP for any employees under his/her supervision during a rating period.

V. Forms

PMP Forms

Goal and Objectives Form

PMP Ratings Worksheet

Managers/Supervisors Performance Factors List

Questions regarding the PMP process or requests for blank forms should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.


Effective Date:  12/22/1998