VII - 7.10 - Policy on Personal Leave for Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

I. Purpose

To establish implementation procedures for BOR Policy VII - 7.10 Policy on Personal Leave for Regular Exempt Employees, which governs the eligibility amount and use of personal leave for exempt employees.

II. Applicability

This procedure appiesy to all regular full-time and part-time exempt employees of Bowie State University.

III. Receipt

All full-time exempt employees shall receive three (3) days (not to exceed 24 hours) of personal leave in each calendar year. Part-time employees working 50% or more shall receive personal leave on a pro-rated basis.

IV. Guidelines and Usage

A. The use of personal leave shall require prior notification to the employee's supervisor.

1. Personal leave may not be authorized in increments of less than one (1) hour.

2. In non-emergency situations and to the extent possible, employees are strongly encouraged to provide early notification of personal leave usage.

B. Personal leave must be used by the end of the first pay period that ends in the new calendar year. Any personal leave that is unused as of that time shall be forfeited by the employee and shall be contributed to the USM Leave Reserve Fund, in accordance with the Leave Reserve Fund Policy.

C. No employee shall be paid for unused personal leave.

V. Exceptions



Replacement For:

USM BOR VII 7.10 - Policy on Personal Leave for Administrative and Classified Personnel as approved by the Board of Regents on April 25, 1991. 

Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part, any policy (ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the Regents, Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of the former institutions of the University of Maryland, and of the former State Universities and Colleges, and of the Regents of the University System of Maryland that are in conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability, or intent, that may have been overlooked and not included as a specific citation under "Replacement For."


Effective Date:  08/03/2000