VII - 7.20 - Policy on Administrative Leave for Exempt and Non-Exempt Personnel

I. Purpose

To establish a leave category called Administrative Leave for all regular administrative and classified employees and to implement procedures for BOR VII - 7.10 - Policy on Administrative Leave for Exempt and Non-Exempt Personnel.

II. Applicability

All regular exempt and non-exempt employees of Bowie State University ("BSU")

III. Guidelines

A. Emergency Conditions

The President, the Provost and the Vice President for Administration and Finance will make a determination regarding the severity of conditions as outlined in the Bowie State University Policy on Emergency Conditions: Cancellation of Classes and Release of Classes and Release of Employees. In many cases, employees may be granted liberal leave. However, if the severity of the situation requires closing the facility under emergency conditions, the President or designee may authorize administrative leave for eligible employees.

B. Employee Organizations

1. After the beginning of the fiscal year, the Director of Human Resources will notify designated members of employee organizations whose members are eligible for administrative leave of the number of days available to them for use to attend employee organization events.

2. Requests for use of the available days will be honored on a first come first served basis until the total number of days is exhausted. Requests must include certification from the employee's supervisor that the employee's services can be spared without impairing departmental services or operations.

C. Other Purposes

The President may approve a request for administrative leave or require an employee to take administrative leave for any purpose deemed to be in the best in the best interest of the University.

IV. Exceptions



For additional reference and guidance, refer to BOR VII - 7.20 - Policy on Administrative Leave for Exempt and Non-Exempt Personnel (Approved by the Board of Regents, February 28, 1992)


Effective Date:  12/22/1998