VII - 9.51 - Policy on Reassignment for Regular Exempt Employees

I. Purpose

To establish implementation procedures for BOR Policy VII-9.51-Policy on Reassignment for Regular Exempt Employees which authorizes the institution's President or their designee to reassign or modify the duties, responsibilities and/or reporting relationships of employees in regular exempt positions at any time.

II. Applicability

This procedure applies to all regular exempt employees. Tenured faculty appointed to an exempt position will continue to be governed by 6.4 Retrenchment Policy of The Faculty Handbook.

III. Definitions

Reassignment - the movement by Bowie State University of a regular exempt employee from a position to another similar or comparable position.

IV. Guidelines

A. Reassignments shall be made with consideration of the employee's knowledge, skills, abilities and salary.

B. Based on operational needs and/or organization necessity, the Vice President or their designee may modify the duties, responsibilities and/or reporting relationship of any exempt employee's position.

C. Vice Presidents should submit a written request/justification to the President for approval in consultation with the Senior Director of Human Resources.

D. The supervisor shall notify the employee of the reassignment prior to the effective date of the action.

1. A change in work schedule or location shall require a minimum of two (2) weeks' notice.

2. Upon approval, the Vice President should provide the employee with a written notice confirming the action.

V. Disciplinary Actions

Failure to report to the reassigned position shall be considered an immediate voluntary resignation.

VI. Exceptions



Effective Date: 08/03/2000Revised Date: 04/17/2012