VII - 6.12 - Policy on Position Control

I. Purpose

To establish procedures for the administration and control of Position Identification Numbers for Bowie State University.

II. Applicability

This Policy applies to all budgeted administrative positions that are on-going in nature and fundamental to the day-to-day operations and long-term success of the University.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. General

1. Each regular position at Bowie State University is to be identified by a Position Identification Number (PIN), which is defined as a budgeted position.

2. Employees in these positions are eligible for all the benefits afforded by the University System of Maryland for its employees in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents.

3. The Vice President/Provost of the division may transfer a PIN within the division as deemed appropriate.

4. PINs that have remained vacant for more than three (3) months are moved from the division to a central pool of PINs for the overall use of the Institution as determined by the President.

5. The President, based on the requirements and overall needs of the University, will determine reassignment of PINs.

B. Specific

1. Internal Request for PINs

a. Departments may request a PIN from the central pool by submitting a written request through the Vice President to the President.

b. A justification with supporting documentation and a budget statement on how the position will be funded must accompany the request.

c. The President may grant a PIN based on the requirements and overall needs of the University without advertisement, to a contingent employee who has been employed for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years at Bowie State University. Contingent staff members with less than two (2) consecutive years at Bowie State University must apply for an advertised position.

2. External Request for PINs

If it is determined that there is a need for a position that extends beyond the existing level of budgeted PINs, a department head may request PIN(s) through the divisional Vice President/Provost to the President.

IV. Deviations



Replacement For:

Additionally, this policy supercedes in whole or in part, any policy(ies) and/or procedures(s) established by the Regents, Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of the former institutions of the University of Maryland, and of the former State Universities and Colleges, and of the Regents of the University System of Maryland that are in conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability, or intent, that may have been overlooked and not included as a specific citation under "Replacement For".


Effective Date:  01/17/2002