VII - 7.30 - Policy on Holiday Leave for Regular Exempt Employees

I. Purpose

To establish implementation procedures for BOR VII-7.30-Policy on Holiday Leave for Regular Exempt Employees which governs the eligibility amount and use of holiday leave for exempt employees of the University System of Maryland.

II. Applicability

The procedure applies to all regular full-time and part-time exempt employees of Bowie State University (BSU).

III. Amount of Holiday Leave

A. Employees are eligible to earn eleven (11) holidays per year or twelve (12) holidays during a year of general or congressional elections and any other special observance as required by the legislature and Governor.

B. Part-time employees who are employed on at least a 50% full-time basis shall earn holiday leave on a pro-rated basis.

C. All employees must be in a paid employment status on the calendar date that the holiday is earned in order to be eligible for holiday pay when the holiday is observed.

IV. Observance of Holidays

A. The President or their designee may schedule the observance of selected holidays on days other than the dates designated by the State. An employee may be required to perform duties on a holiday to meet operational needs.

B. Holidays will be earned according to the following schedule and shall be taken according to institutional procedures:


Calendar Date Holiday is Earned

New Year's Day January 1
Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday Third Monday in January
President's Day Third Monday in February
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday in September
Columbus Day Second Monday in October
Election Day First Tuesday in November(even numbered years only)
Veteran's Day November 11
Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
Day after Thanksgiving Day Fourth Friday in November
Christmas Day  December 25

C. Three (3) additional BSU Holiday Leave days are to be earned each calendar year and observed at the discretion of the Institution's President or their designee.

D. When a holiday occurs on a Saturday, it is earned the Friday before and when a holiday occurs on Sunday, it is earned on the following Monday.

V. Scheduling of Holidays for Continuous Operations

A. Departments that must provide service on a continuous seven (7) day-a-week basis may schedule an employee's holidays.  Affected departments may schedule a specific day or days each month as a day off and these days shall be treated in the same manner as regular holidays are treated for other employees.

B. Employees in this category shall be granted one (1) day of holiday leave for each month, except the months of January and July when two (2) days of holiday leave shall be granted.

C. During a year of general or congressional elections, an additional day shall be granted for the month of November.

D. Vice Presidents shall determine which individual employees in a department will be placed in this category.

 VI. Carry-Over and Payment Prior to Separation

Employees are entitled to carry-over unused earned holiday leave into the next calendar year.  All carry-over unused holiday leave must be used by January 31 of the new calendar year. Any unused holiday leave will be paid out prior to separation.

VII. Termination Payment

Employees who leave employment with BSU are entitled to be paid for any unused holiday leave that has been earned as of the date of separation.

VIII. Exceptions



Replacement for:

USM BOR VII-7.30-Policy on Holiday Leave; May 1, 1992

Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part, any policy(ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the Regents, Trustees, Presidents or their designees of the former institutions of the University of Maryland, of the former State Universities and Colleges and of the Regents of the University System of Maryland that are in conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability or intent that may have been overlooked and not included as a specific citation under "Replacement For".


Effective Date:  08/03/2000Revised Date:  04/17/2012