October 6, 2021

BSU Completes Economic Development Plan

Five-Year Plan to Position BSU as Economic Engine for the Region

BSU Completes Economic Development Plan


MEDIA CONTACT: Cassandra Robinson, crobinson@bowiestate.edu, 301-860-4336

(BOWIE, Md.) – Bowie State University continues to look to the future with the completion of a new Economic Development Plan that lays the foundation to grow the university’s influence and role as an economic generator in the county and region.

Developed in partnership with Margrave Strategies and CLD Partners, the plan provides recommendations and strategies over a five-year horizon to address development around four major themes: placemaking, community, growth and innovation. The themes represent historical areas of focus for BSU that provide opportunity to maximize momentum for continued success and viability into the future.

“The activities recommended in this plan will help strengthen Bowie State’s connection to the larger economic ecosystem throughout the region by building stronger partnership with business, industry and government,” said President Aminta Breaux. “As a public university and the first HBCU in the state of Maryland, it has always been part of our mission to strengthen communities to support the public good.”

Implemented in coordination with the university Strategic Plan: Racing to Excellence and the Facilities Master Plan, the Economic Development Plan will provide tangible guidance to ensure the university creates a positive lasting impact for the campus and greater community. Recommendations in the four thematic areas intersect to create a holistic roadmap to the future:

  • Enhancement of public spaces and amenities throughout the campus will create a stronger sense of place that promotes health and well-being for students, faculty and staff while also attracting external stakeholders to new opportunities for engagement on campus.
  • Building stronger, formal relationships with internal and local community stakeholders will provide the foundation to expand BSU’s presence and relationships further into Baltimore, Washington, DC and beyond.
  • Growth of the university’s physical footprint as well as its recognition and visibility will support opportunities for increases in student population and the related expansion of student housing and other support systems.
  • Continued focus on innovation and development of an entrepreneurial mindset among members of the campus community will quicken the pace of progress towards a robust research enterprise at BSU.

“Ultimately, we envision Bowie State as a destination for innovation and collaboration that will contribute to the economic vitality of the region,” said President Breaux. “We will establish deeper partnerships that create greater excellence in our academic programs to fuel a robust pipeline of talent flowing into the workplaces across the state and region.”

A United Negro College Fund study on the economic impact of HBCUs reported that Bowie State had a $234 million impact in the local and regional economies based on 2014 data. The Economic Development Plan will be a catalyst to substantially expand the level of BSU’s impact into the future.


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